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1. This past summer I bought a belly putter after all the success I was seeing on the PGA Tour. I found it really helped lock my wrists and improve my putting. I was furious at the proposed USGA amendment that would ban anchoring putters. What are your thoughts? Simon from Vancouver, BC

1. I always seemed to get paired at club tournaments with a guy that says he is a 5 handicap but always shoots high 80’s or low 90’s. It is really frustrating because he doesn’t belong in my flight. Should I talk to the pro? Craig from Calgary, AB

Ahhhh, the reverse sand bagger; The player that doesn’t enter the high scores or doesn’t count all his shots on the course so that he can say that he is a single digit handicap when he has never sniffed breaking par. This guy is hilarious.

1. Lisa, I am a good golfer but I find I don’t know what tee box I should tee it up from. My buddies always want to play from the tips but I am not comfortable there. (Frank from Lethbridge, AB)

Frank, too many guys think they are PGA Tour all stars and should play the tips. I find it most prevalent and annoying at golf resorts when a group of 20 guys on a mancation all tee it up from the back tees and are playing 54 money games so treat every two footer like it is a putt to win the Masters.

1. I am a new golfer and I struggle with getting any height or significant distance off the fairway. I find it very frustrating. Can I tee the ball up in the fairway? Suzanne from Cranbrook, BC.

As a new golfer you want to make this game fun. I don’t know one Golf Teaching Professional that wouldn’t recommend hitting it off a tee from the fairway in your situation.

1. I am in the market for a new driver. Where do I start? Sheldon, from Fredericton

First of all remember that loft is your friend. I think many players use too low of a loft of driver.

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